Illness & Medicines


It is inevitable that all children will require medicine at some point during their time at nursery. If your child does need to have medicine then this is permitted providing medicine is prescribed by a doctor. The nursery is not permitted to give any other medicine that has not been prescribed by a doctor with the exception of Calpol.

At the start of your child’s day,  you will be provided with a medicine form where you are required to give your consent to a senior member of staff administrating your child’s medicine at the advised time of day. We would like to inform you that it is only the Manager, deputy manager and senior nursery nurse that is able to administer medicine.


Blooming Babies never exclude children who have colds or coughs as this is inevitable with most children, most of the time. We do say to parents that if your child is unwell and we feel they can cope with it then generally so can we! If your child is ill during the nursery day then we will inform you. If we feel that your child is too unwell to be at nursery then we will advise that you come to collect them as soon as you can.

If your child is prescribed antibiotics by a doctor then he/she is not permitted to attend nursery for 24 hours. This is to prevent infection spreading to other children.

As with sickness and diarrhoea, your child will not be permitted to attend nursery for 48 hours after their last case.