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Terms & Condition


Registration Form


On registration, all children will be placed on a waiting list if no spaces area available. We cater for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Available places depend on the age of the child and the number of sessions required. A minimum of two sessions (for children over 2yrs) and one full day (for under 2’s) is required to attend the nursery. A £50 charge is payable at the time of registration.

  1. We are open from 7.30am – 6:00pm. Parents who have booked a full day may leave and collect their children any time during that period. During the Christmas/new year period the nursery will close early on one day. Parents will be informed in advance as to which day it will be.


  1. For your child’s safety, children will only be released to parents or guardians. If you require someone else to collect your child please supply us with his or her full details in writing and a photograph of the person, or we will not be able to allow your child to leave with them. We will also put a password system in place.


  1. Parents are requested to visit the nursery with their child on at least one occasion before the child is left for the whole session or day.


  1. If for any reason your child cannot attend the nursery, please telephone the nursery by 9:00am. If no contact is made with the nursery about an absence, the child’s place cannot be guaranteed. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance due to illness, holidays, Bank holidays or closure that is beyond our control (i.e. inclement weather, failure of utilities etc.). Please inform us of your holiday dates as soon as possible to help maintain the correct number of staff on site. The nursery reserves the right to give one months’ notice of a nursery place.


  1. All fees are payable monthly in advance of attendance. Fees for children up to the age of government funding are payable by standing order. Children of government funding age will be invoiced each month. All fees, regardless of payment method, are due in advance by the 22nd day of the previous month. The nursery accepts childcare vouchers from a variety of companies. We understand that some vouchers are issued after the 22nd of the month and therefore payment to the nursery will be after this date. However, the nursery must receive all vouchers payments by the 19th of the month in which the fees are due.


  1. Any payments of fees not received by the dates specified above will result in a charge of £25 per day. Continual lateness may result in the loss of your child’s place. If your child is to leave the nursery, one calendar month’s fees and one month’s written notice is required. Non-payment of fees could result in the immediate loss of the nursery place. In addition, any reduction in the amount of sessions/ days your child attends will only be able to take effect after a month’s notice is given. An administration fee of £5 will be incurred for an incorrect fee payment, and a £25 fee for returned payments.


  1. If a child becomes sick at the nursery, every effort will be made to contact the parents to take them home. However, the nursery reserves the right to remove the child to a doctor in a considered emergency. Medicine will only be administered if it has been prescribed by a doctor/nurse or pharmacist for your child and we have been given written permission to do so. Please note that no child may attend nursery during the first twenty-four hour period after the initial dose of an antibiotic course of treatment. If you wish to take your child on holiday, payment must be paid as you are paying for the space.


  1. Please note that parents and carers may only park in the visitor’s car park when dropping off and collecting their child from the nursery. If the car park is full, then parents are asked to park in the spaces in Butts lane with consideration to residents. However if the car park is full during the middle of the day and parents are dropping off or collecting their children, then the small concrete lay-by near the walk through gates can be used in this instance. Parents are asked not to park in Brokenhurst drive for dropping off or picking up their children. At no time is it permitted to drive through the double gates into the second car park. Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the loss of your child’s place at the nursery.



If you have any comments or complaints about the nursery, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may be requested to put your complaint in writing which will be kept on file and may be inspected by OFSTED from time to time. These terms and conditions are subject to change. You can contact OFSTED on (0845) 404040 or send your complaint in writing to OFSTED National Business Unit, Royal Exchange Building, St Anne’s square, Manchester. M2 7 LA






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Registration Form

A fee of £50 per child (£25 returned in first months invoice) is required in order to be placed on the registration list at Blooming Babies Day Nursery. Parents are asked to note that the completion of this form guarantees a place on the waiting list. We will do our best to accommodate the starting date requested for your child.


Child’s full name:


Date of birth:


Age at registration:


Child’s gender: _________________________________________________________________________

Mother’s name: 


Mother’s home address:



Telephone number:


Mother’s work address:



Telephone number:






Father’s name:

Father’s Home address:



Telephone number:

Father’s work address:



Telephone number: 




Name and address and telephone number of another person we can contact in an emergency:




Their relationship to the child/parents: 


Please state who has parental responsibility / Legal contact










Doctor’s name, address



And telephone number:


Please give details of any immunisations that have been administered to your child:



Please give details of any allergies your child suffers from:



Please give details of any special dietary needs:



In the event of an emergency would you allow you child to be treated by a doctor/the emergency services/and to receive hospital treatment in your absence?


Signed: __________________________________


I agree to my child being given Calpol in an emergency:    YES/NO



(We will always try to contact you first)


We like to celebrate religious festivals and it would be helpful, if you would tell us your child’s religion and any festivals/celebrations you will be having at home:



I give permission for staff to take photos of my child for marketing purposes and for use in learning journeys and displays  (please delete as appropriate)    yes/no



Please indicate the attendance required for your child and on which days.  (Please circle the sessions required)We only provide full day session for the baby room.  Funded sessions are for 3-5 year olds.


Please circle sessions required and circle if ‘Term Time Only’


Monday Full Day Morning






School Day




Funded PM Term Time Only
Tuesday Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Wednesday Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Thursday Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Friday Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only



Date I wish my child to start at the nursery:


Does your child have another carer or attend another setting?



I give my permission for my child, accompanied by a member the Nursery staff, to be taken out of the nursery on short trips to the local amenities:


Signed: ________________________________________


I acknowledge that while the nursery takes the utmost care to ensure the highest level of hygiene in all food preparation, it is not responsible for ill health caused by food or drink prepared at home and brought in by parents.


Signed: _____________________________________________


I understand that the nursery has students on site from time to time from St Clere’s and the local colleges doing child observations as part of their course.  I give my permission for my child to be observed by the students.



SIGNED: ________________________________________________

I understand that development records for my child may be passed on to my next or new setting/school. I will be shown these records first. I give my permission for transition records to be sent.




I enclose a £50 non-refundable registration fee to secure a place on the waiting list of Blooming Babies Day Nursery as indicated on this form. I have read the terms and conditions of the nursery and the information contained in the prospectus and I agree to wholly abide by them.
















General information about your child.  Please answer these questions in as much detail as possible.  This will help us to get to know your child and help him/her to settle in quickly.



 Childs name:                                                                            Date of Birth:


  • Are any milk feeds to be given to your child during the day? At what times? Is there a particular position to be in during the feed?


  • What type of milk does your child drink?



  • What type of juice does your child drink? At what times?



  • What are your child’s favourite foods?



  • Does your child have any daytime sleeps? At what times?



  • How does your child go to sleep? Does your child have a comforter?



  • What are your child’s favourite games?


  • Is there anything special that you feel we should know about your child


  • Has your child socialised with other children? (If yes, how do they interact with other children? Do they play alongside/with another child?)



  • Has your child been separated from you before? (stayed with family/friends or attended another setting/crèche?)



  • What things does your child do regularly with the family/carers?



  • Is there anything your child has a fear about?



  • Does your child have a nappy/use the toilet?



  • Does your child dress themselves?



  • Does your baby roll over/sit up/stand/crawl/walk



  • Can your child run confidently


  • Can your child use a push along bike or vehicle? Ride a bike with pedals?




  • Does your child throw/catch/kick a ball?



  • Can your child climb up and down stairs?



  • Does your child handle objects and toys (if yes is this with control?)



  • How does your child communicate? (point,eye contact, talking).


  • Does your child speak using single words, two words together, short phrases, and sentences, hold a conversation?



  • Does your child have any special words?



  • Can your child follow an instruction?



  • Does your child like looking at books?



  • Does your child have a special book?


  • Does your child like to use pencils/crayons/paints?



  • Does your child count or use numbers when they play and sing?




  • Can your child recognise any numbers?



  • Does your child like looking at shapes?



  • Does your child like playing in the garden or park?



  • Do you have special places you like to visit?



  • What occasions are special to your child?



  • Do they like looking at leaves/bugs/shells, twigs etc.?



  • What are your child’s favourite songs?



  • Does your child like to dress up as a superhero or book character?



  • Does your child like to get their hands messy when playing in the sand/earth/park/play dough etc.?












Child’s Entry Record and your child’s routine: Please give details of your child’s daily routine, including mealtimes, sleep times, activities and quiet times.


Child’s Name:                                                                                     Date of Birth:











12.00 noon:
















If you have any comments or complaints about the nursery, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may be requested to put your complaint in writing which will be kept on file and may be inspected by OFSTED from time to time. These terms and conditions are subject to change. You can contact OFSTED on 0300 123  1231

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