Terms & Condition

Registration Pack

Child’s Details

First Name: Surname:
Preferred Name: Gender
Date of Birth: Nationality:
Ethnic Origin: Languages spoken at home:
Religion: Other languages:
Registration date: Start date:


Parents/carers details:


Parent/carer 1 Parent/carer 2
First Name First Name
Surname: Surname:
Relationship to child: Relationship to child:
Parental responsibility: Y/N Parental responsibility: Y/N
Address: Address:
Home Tele: Home Tele:
Mobile: Mobile:
Email: Email:
Occupation: Occupation:
Employer Name: Employer Name:
Address: Address:
Work Tele: Work Tele:


Emergency contacts:


Emergency contact 1 Emergency contact 2
First Name: First Name:
Surname: Surname:
Relationship to child: Relationship to child:
Address: Address:
Home tele: Home tele:
Mobile: Mobile:
Work Tele: Work Tele:


Regular collection persons


Person 1 Person 2
Full Name: Full Name:
Relationship to child: Relationship to child:
Address: Address:
Home Tele: Home Tele:
Mobile: Mobile:
Work: Work:


Please provide a password. This is for safeguarding, in the event you are unable to collect your child and ask a relative/friend to do so for you. Please ensure you provide it to the person who is collecting your child otherwise we may not be able to release your child to the person.





We are now required to confirm the identity of all children. Please tick the source of evidence provided:


o   Birth certificate


o    Health book


Doctor’s details


Surgery Name:


Any other professionals involved


Name Service Phone Number

Are any of these in place for your child?


Portage worker Yes/No

Early Years worker Yes/No

Early Years action plus Yes/No


Does your child have any of the following:


  Yes No Further comments
Dietary requirements      


Special educational needs      






Has your child had any of the following immunisations?

  • Diphtheria/Tetnus
  • Whooping cough
  • Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR)
  • Polio
  • All up to date

What date would you like your child to start?_______________

Registration form completed by_________________________



Permission Forms

Child’s Name:                                            D.O.B

Emergency medical advice/treatment

I understand that if my child has an accident, becomes ill or needs emergency medical attention, I will be contacted immediately, but if it is not possible to contact me, I give permission for my child to receive emergency medical advice or treatment. Also, in the event of needing hospital treatment, I allow a member of staff to accompany my child to the hospital, and if my child needs emergency treatment immediately, I allow a member of staff to sign all necessary documents.
Full Name:
Relationship to child:
Signature:                                                  Date:



I understand that my child will sometimes be photographed or videoed which may be used in their profile, for displays in the setting and/or advertising and I give my permission for this to happen. I understand that there will be no name or means of identification with the photograph or video if it is used out of the setting.
Full Name:                                                  Date:
Signature:                                                   For profile
Signature:                                                   For displays
Signature:                                                   For advertising



I hereby give permission for my child to go on regular short visits to the local environment. There will be a risk assessment completed for each outing.
Full Name:


Administration of medication

I hereby give permission for my child to receive non prescribed medication such as calpol, nurofen or cough medicine.  A medicine form will be completed by the parent on the day. I also give permission for child to have a plaster applied if need be.
Full Name:
Signature:                                                                          Non prescribed medication
Signature:                                                                          Plasters



  • I understand that to secure a place for __________________________at Blooming Babies Day Nursery I must:
  • Pay the non-refundable £50.00 registration fee with this form
  • Complete and sign all sections of this registration form and return to nursery.
  • Pay fees in advance as stated by Blooming Babies Day nursery on a monthly basis otherwise I will incur additional fees
  • Pay fees for booked days irrespective of whether my child attends or not
  • Pay for booked days whether it falls into bank holidays and/or school inset days as stated. e.g. If your child is registered to attend the nursery on a Monday or Friday or any other days declared as bank holiday or inset day excluding Christmas bank holidays when the pre-school is shut.
  • Inform the nursery if my child is unwell or unable to attend (fees are still payable)
  • Bring my child in at the time they are to start.
  • Collect my child at session times, not later or I will be subject to late fee.
  • Collect my child promptly if they are unwell
  • Inform the nursery as soon as possible of any changes to my contact details
  • Pay any penalties incurred by my failure to abide by Blooming Babies Day Nursery terms and conditions
  • I accept that I will give four weeks’ written notice if I no longer require a place at Blooming Babies Day Nursery.
  • I agree that Blooming Babies Day Nursery reserves the right to withdraw my child from the setting if they are being unruly and do not abide by our rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • I will be polite and respectable to other children and all members of staff at Blooming Babies Day Nursery.
  • I agree to lose my child’s\place without notice if I fail to comply with any of these conditions
Full Name:                                     Signature:                                   Date:






Please circle sessions required and circle if ‘Term Time Only’


Monday   Full Day Morning






School Day




Funded PM Term Time Only
Tuesday   Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Wednesday   Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Thursday   Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only
Friday   Full Day Morning






School Day Funded


Funded PM Term Time Only



Term time only is limited spaces available




Terms and Conditions

We are open from 7.30am – 6:00pm.



Blooming Babies Day Nursery runs from stated session times only, the first 5 minutes of lateness will be free provided you ring.. After the first 5 minutes have passed, you will be charged

Parents who have booked a full day may leave and collect their children any time during that period. Unless adequate notification is given for emergency late collection of children, a £10 charge is payable. This increases to £15 after the first 10 minutes and then to £25 after 25 minutes.  During the Christmas/new year period the nursery will close early for a week..  Parents will be informed in advance as to which day it will be.

Late fee will be charged until the child is collected, if we have not heard from you, Blooming Babies Day Nursery will follow its uncollected children’s policy. We will also endeavour to contact your emergency contacts.

The late fee will be charged fully to the parent or carer until the child is collected. However, we understand that at times, situations are out of control, in which case you can submit a written request via email to have the late charge adjusted. This will be looked into.


For your child’s safety, children will only be released to parents or guardians.  If you require someone else to collect your child please supply us with his or her full details in writing and a photograph of the person, or we will not be able to allow your child to leave with them.


Children’s belongings

Blooming Babies Day Nursery is not responsible for any items.

Please clearly label your child’s belongings.

Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets or rings.

Blooming Babies advises that children will often take part in messy activities and we cannot always guarantee that mess will not get to their clothing. We will do our best to make sure they wear appropriate aprons to stop them getting their clothes dirty, but this may not always be possible as you understand that children will always be children.

Data protection:

We will hold all information on children up until 3 years after they’ve left. Then it will be shredded and disposed of appropriately.

We reserve the right to give your child’s information to necessary agencies if we believe your child is at harm or any form of risk. Agencies to provide information to might be social services, the police, local authorities’ etc. We are under obligation to provide them with the details required, you might or might not be informed of this.

All information regarding yourself and your child’s details are kept in a locked filing cabinet, and only management have access to it.

Increasing session

If you wish to increase your child’s session, you must put a request in writing to Blooming Babies Day Nursery  or email bloomingbabies1@outlook.com  And we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

Reducing session

If you wish to reduce your child’s session, you must give us 4 weeks term-time written notice.

Changing session days

We will not allow the changes of session without prior adequate notice. Your regular days will remain your regular days, to increase you need to give us 4 weeks term-time written notice.

Learning / education through play

We render a balanced of fun and educational activities. Children get structured activities as well as free choice. We also involve children in the deciding what activities to be engaged in. We combine adult and child led play.

Every child has a key worker, please feel free to speak to your child’s key worker for daily feedback on how your child is getting on in the pre-school. Key worker names are on the parent’s board. Please feel free to tell them any comments, feedback and suggestions about the pre-school and especially about your child.

  Payment of fees

Fees are due in advance on the first and second day of each month.

  • A non-refundable registration fee of £50 per child is required
  • Fees will be charged for all, regardless of if your child attends or not for any reasons at all.
  • All fees are payable monthly in advance of attendance. Fees for children up to the age of government funding are payable by standing order. Children of government funding age will be invoiced each month. All fees, regardless of payment method, are due in advance by the 31st day of the previous month.


  • The nursery accepts childcare vouchers from a variety of companies. We understand that some vouchers are issued after the 25th of the month and therefore payment to the nursery will be after this date. However, the nursery must receive all vouchers payments by the 31st of the month in which the fees are due.


  • Any payments of fees not received by the dates specified above will result in a charge of £25 per day. Continual lateness may result in the loss of your child’s place. If your child is to leave the nursery, one calendar month’s fees and one month’s written notice is required. Non-payment of fees could result in the immediate loss of the nursery place. In addition, any reduction in the amount of sessions/ days your child attends will only be able to take effect after a month’s notice is given. An administration fee of £5 will be incurred for an incorrect fee payment, and a £25 fee for returned payments.


Non- attendance of session will still be charged

  • If your child is unwell/sick/goes on holidays or couldn’t attend their session for any reasons, you will still be charged for the session. Any session which was pre-booked will always be charged for.


  • If for any reason your child cannot attend the nursery, please telephone the nursery by 9:00am. If no contact is made with the nursery about an absence, the child’s place cannot be guaranteed. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance due to illness, holidays, or that is beyond our control (i.e. inclement weather, failure of utilities etc.). Please inform us of your holiday dates as soon as possible to help maintain the correct number of staff on site. The nursery reserves the right to give one months’ notice of a nursery place.



  • If a child becomes sick at the nursery, every effort will be made to contact the parents to take them home. However, the nursery reserves the right to remove the child to a doctor in a considered emergency. Medicine will only be administered if it has been prescribed and non- prescribed by a doctor/nurse or pharmacist for your child and we have been given written permission to do so. Please note that no child may attend nursery during the first twenty-four hour period after the initial dose of an antibiotic course of treatment.


Leaving us

If you wish to terminate your child’s/children’s place at the nursery, you must give us 4 weeks term-time written notice.

Snacks and Lunch

Children are offered a light snack each day and lunch. All allergies and dietary requirements will be cared for as much as possible.

Collection of children

Children must be collected promptly at the end of their session, if not, our late collection of children policy will apply.

If any person collecting your child turns up under the influence of alcohol/ drugs or for any other reason in an unfit state, we will not release your child to them – Safeguarding/child protection. You will be contacted to make alternative arrangements.


Summer time

During the six weeks holidays and half term holidays, the nursery may offer a restricted service due to the number of children attending.   We will endeavour to give you plenty of notice before hand and ask what will suit you.  We will go by the majority.


 Car Park

  • Please note that parents and carers may only park in the visitor’s car park when dropping off and collecting their child from the nursery. If the car park is full, then parents are asked to park in the spaces in Butts lane with consideration to residents. However, if the car park is full during the middle of the day and parents are dropping off or collecting their children, then the small concrete lay-by near the walk-through gates can be used in this instance.


  • Parents are asked not to park in Brokenhurst drive for dropping off or picking up their children.   Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the loss of your child’s place at the nursery.


Making a complaint

If you have any comments or complaints about the nursery, please do not hesitate to contact us. You may be requested to put your complaint in writing which will be kept on file and may be inspected by OFSTED from time to time. These terms and conditions are subject to change. You can contact OFSTED on (0300) 123 1231 or send your complaint in writing to OFSTED National Business Unit, Royal Exchange Building, St Anne’s square, Manchester. M2 7 LA


Equal Opportunities:

We believe in promoting an inclusive and diverse environment for children to socialise.

We believe everyone has a right to be treated with respect at all times.

We reserve the right to terminate your child’s place at any time without prior notice for the following reasons by a child or by any parent/carer:

  • Racial or discrimination shown to any member of staff, visitor, child or parent at Blooming Babies Day Nursery
  • Intimidating or aggressive behaviour shown to any member of staff, visitor, child or parent at Blooming Babies Day Nursery
  • The use of foul language shown to any member of staff, visitor, child or parent at Blooming Babies Day Nursery
  • Unruly behaviour that is unacceptable by Blooming Babies Day Nursery
  • Any other reasons we deem appropriate


However, we are reasonable, friendly, and flexible; we hope to be able to accommodate everyone.


N.B – These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Thank you.

Welcome to Blooming Babies Day Nursery

I agree to all Blooming Babies Day Nursery terms and conditions


Parent/ carer’s name:                      _______________________________


Parent/ carer’s signature:               _______________________________


Child’s name:                                   _______________________________


Date:                                                   _______________________________

Thank you

Welcome to Blooming Babies Day Nursery

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